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Posted: 24th March 2016

Channel 4

HerSmile and Channel 4 Team up for new dating series.


Channel 4, HerSmile and the relationship industry’s most renowned experts are collaborating in what could be the most exciting social experiment of 2016... 


‘Married at First Sight’ is a unique investigation to see if science can get to the heart of compatibility and longevity to introduce your perfect partner! 


Filming in London the compatibility is based on an advanced algorithm designed specifically for this purpose and by Channel 4’s panel of matchmaking experts all leaders in their fields.


Together, we’ll look at every aspect of who you are as a human being. From learning about your mind, body to your genetic makeup and social environment. From the data collated, we will then be able to determine who you are best suited to, and hopefully form a match! 



Research proves that marriage triggers a number of important psychological changes critical to the success of a relationship.  


To remove the superficiality that can come with initially meeting someone new and to eliminate preconceived ideas about someone, spouses will meet for the first time on their wedding day.


The purposes is to go beyond the standard preconceptions and using the very best science has to offer get to the root of compatibility.






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Author: HerSmile in conjunction with Channel 4.