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About HerSmile

How does it work?

Women have a monthly subscription. Men, who have no subscription, instead buy credits. A man uses one credit to send a women he likes his first message. She accepts confirming the feelings mutual and all further contact with her is free. If the feelings not reciprocated or she hasn’t responded in ten days the credit is returned to him to use again with someone who is interested. What makes this so effective is the assurance of intention on both sides. Because he invests in an introduction, she can be assured of his considered and genuine desire to connect. And for men, responses only ever come from women who reciprocate his interest. He'll know she's genuinely interested in him.

Why we created HerSmile

They expect that by 2040 70% of us will have met our partners online. However, for many people the results of online dating are no better than a lottery. We did a year of research to find out why. One obstacle above all kept recurring: intention. For women it was quantified as a lack of commitment. With messages being sent out left, right and centre you had no idea if someone was genuinely interested in you or if you were the first to take the bait. For men it was about feeling misled. Guys often felt their time and money was lost on someone really more interested in the attention. HerSmile was created as a solution to these barriers.

How do you create a profile?

We’ve come up with a way that showcases you honestly without the need for a creative writing degree. By removing the ‘sell yourself’ mentality often associated with online dating our profiles are often refreshingly honest.

About our key features

Our concept came from reality but our features took inspiration from, what we felt, were the best aspects of social media: Facebook (mutual friends search), YouTube (videos), Twitter (keywords/hashtag) and Instagram (Favourites).

Founders note

To change the world on a global scale you have to start on a molecular level. User by user, we endeavour to find each of our members that one amazing person they fall head over heels in love with. By introducing you to the person you want to spend the rest of your life with - we change your world. Doing this enough changes our world.

How does the Keyword search work?

To really define your search you can use keywords - found at the top of the Gallery page. From cooking and travelling to a specialist subject and aspirations. If it's written in a profile, we’ll find it.

How does HerSmile match up users?

'Points in Common’ matches against 16 of your ‘Essential Questions’ this simple process gives you an instant compatibility reference point. The compatibility icon can be found at the bottom of each profile to the left of the message button.

What are our members like?

Our members our looking for substance, a long term relationship with someone who wants the same. They want assured intention, they’re not looking for someone who simply likes the attention.

Where is HerSmile available?

HerSmile is available throughout the UK and Ireland. We plan to launch in the United States and Europe later in the year.

What about LGBT customers?

HerSmile was created after a year of researching the market. It’s important we truly understand our market prior to releasing a solution. So, when creating our LGBT model we want to ensure the same level of care and attention. We hope to have mapped out our LGBT blueprint by the end of the year.

How much does it cost?

Membership on HerSmile is £18. Men buy credits at £6 each with a minimum purchase of three credits. Women have a monthly subscription of £18 a month. Currently HerSmile is the most competitive paid dating site for long-term relationships in the United Kingdom and Ireland.

What awards has HerSmile received?

At the UK Online Dating Awards, HerSmile was nominated: 'Best New Dating Site' and 'Innovation in the Dating Industry' and at the Golden Hearts Dating Awards HerSmile was named Best New Dating Site. We were a finalist at the Ignite Awards and second at the Isle Expo. We have been mentioned in 22 publications, including an interview with CNBC.

What's the psychology behind pay-per-introduction?

When we make a payment for something we bring in a thought process of vested interest. A process that is non-existent in something free. Our investment reflects our commitment.

When is his credit returned?

If he has not received a reply in ten days the credit is returned to him to use again with someone else. A returned credit is not exchanged for a monetary refund.

Do men have to use another credit after being approved?

No. Men only pay for their first introductory message to each woman. Once a woman has given her approval all further contact with her is free.

Can a woman message a man first?

Yes, she can message him first at any time. She doesn’t have to wait for his message.

What if a woman replies but is not interested?

We do everything we can to ensure women only reply if they are genuinely interested. However, if this ever occurred we would simply return his credit immediately.